Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Finally a Girl!

I have been so busy lately with well my life and I have found very little time to write in this blog! A few things that have been fun the last few weeks were Jon and Gina came and visited. That always brings a smile to my face! What fun we had! We really didn't do much but we managed to enjoy ourselves! Next against my better judgement we got a dog! She is a chocolate lab and lets just say I was out voted! I am not a great animal lover, but she is trying really hard to win me over. The boys love her and she is sweet so who knows she might be my only chance at a girl. So other than baseball four nights a week and Karter Tre' during the day, and Pta, and working at my friends store once a week, and mountain biking, running, taking a masters swimming class at mesa state, homework,scouts, Sunday school lessons, piano lessons,and hanging out with Drew my life is any other mothers! isn't it fun!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Rock Jam!

Every year in our small town of Grand Junction we have concerts out in the desert! This year the groups that came were..... Chicago, Foreigner, and my favorite DEF LEOPARD!!!! It was a blast. We met up with our friends the Jolley's during a break and took some pics!