Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Devils Thumb

Every Saturday I go on a "long Run" with my running group! Usually it is anywhere from 6 to 12 miles. This last Saturday we went on one of my favorite trail runs! The trail is a hard run up, but once you get to the top there is a cabin that you can sign your name in. The best part is the view! Colorado has amazing trails with beautiful views, it's really worth getting up early for! They call the trail the "Devils Thumb" because of the rock formation that can look like a thumb sticking out. This weekend I am leaving for Las Vegas to do a Half Marathon with my girl friends, I can't wait! Jeena and Gina will both be missed!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


My friend Jeena and I had an Indiana Jones party last month! The boys had to eat scary things,dig up bones,find a treasure in the wilderness,run from a boulder and take a dip in the Crystal Waters! We made a cake and dressed the boys up! It was very fun for everyone!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Fun in the Sun

This post is late but life has been busy! Drew and I went to California for our 15 year Anniversary. We had a great time. We relaxed and did a ton of beach time!!! What else do you go to California for? My sister Gina and her husband Jon live there and so they helped us celebrate by doing some serious boogie boarding! I loved every minute of it. I loved spending time with my sweetie also! What a great life.

Rock Jam!

Every year Drew and some friends of ours go to Rock Jam! It is about 15 miles or so from our house and so fun. We love the music, the food, and most of all making fun of the crazy drunk oddly self confident nasty people! "I love Rock and Roll" My favorite, Joan Jett was there!!!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My Sweet Loves!

Here is my sweet boys on their first day of school! Conner went to middle school this year! It was harder for me then it was for him! And my baby started preschool! Time is really flying!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Peach Festival

We decided to go on an adventure the weekend before school started! THE PEACH FESTIVAL....we know how to go big! It was a tainted trip starting with me breaking my flip flop. Then 45 min. later we boarded a stinky bus that took us to the blessed event which consisted of about 12 booths give or take and little or no food!
Of course they had rides that were $5.00 a piece. Andrew just loved this experience so much.

My Favorite Gift

My 15 year anniversary is tomorrow and so I must talk about my favorite gift I have ever received! Last year for my anniversary my sweetie bought me a new mountain bike! This was not just any mountain bike but one I had been drooling over for at least a year! I have to say it will never be topped, so this year there will be no gift just a fun trip to California with my love! I really do live the sweet life!

Saturday, August 9, 2008


I never knew that with a pool came more sons! I love that all the neighborhood boys come to swim and play! My secret plan is working already. I want all the kids to play at my house so that I can keep an eye on them!!! Here are some pictures of the boys jumping off the diving board!

Friday, August 1, 2008


We had a great time with friend last week! The Jolley's, Bairs, and few others at the Dinosaur Museum. Swimming lessons was also a great adventure for Rylan and Karter Tre'!

Friday, July 25, 2008

"The Best Day Of My Life"

My son Rylan is not the happiest child. He is just a little negative about things. So when we went on a little day trip to Glenwood Springs, and he said it was "The best day of my life" You know it had to be a fantastic time! We went up the mountain and road a coaster down, we did a swing off the side of the mountain and collected gems! Then of course we went to the hotsprings and let the kids do the water slides! The boys and I had a great time! To bad dad had to work, but someone has to pay for our fun!


Grandma and Grandpa Rogers came to our house this week! They always come on their way to the family reunion and it is our tradition to go on a bike ride with GPA! The kids love it and so does Grandpa! I forgot my camera on the ride but I got a nice picture of Karter and GPA at the end of the ride. The boys had already went in the house to die from exhaustion. GPA took them 8 miles with a few good uphills. Thanks Grandpa, we love you!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Catching up on our summer adventures!

We have had a good time so far this summer, and I have been receiving complaints on my blogging or lack of! So here it is....... The middle boys went to scout day camp, it was great who doesn't love hanging out with hundreds of little boys all at once? Conner went to his first Scout Camp he earned 7 merit badges and so Drew was happy! We did some boating, fishing, a ton of swimming. Conner had a birthday, We went to 7 peaks for Gina's birthday and My sister and I did a triathlon together in Park city! I didn't get a ton of pictures of that but you can see them on my Frunner's site! We have been doing well and loving our break from schedules! HAPPY SUMMER!