Friday, July 25, 2008

"The Best Day Of My Life"

My son Rylan is not the happiest child. He is just a little negative about things. So when we went on a little day trip to Glenwood Springs, and he said it was "The best day of my life" You know it had to be a fantastic time! We went up the mountain and road a coaster down, we did a swing off the side of the mountain and collected gems! Then of course we went to the hotsprings and let the kids do the water slides! The boys and I had a great time! To bad dad had to work, but someone has to pay for our fun!


Grandma and Grandpa Rogers came to our house this week! They always come on their way to the family reunion and it is our tradition to go on a bike ride with GPA! The kids love it and so does Grandpa! I forgot my camera on the ride but I got a nice picture of Karter and GPA at the end of the ride. The boys had already went in the house to die from exhaustion. GPA took them 8 miles with a few good uphills. Thanks Grandpa, we love you!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Catching up on our summer adventures!

We have had a good time so far this summer, and I have been receiving complaints on my blogging or lack of! So here it is....... The middle boys went to scout day camp, it was great who doesn't love hanging out with hundreds of little boys all at once? Conner went to his first Scout Camp he earned 7 merit badges and so Drew was happy! We did some boating, fishing, a ton of swimming. Conner had a birthday, We went to 7 peaks for Gina's birthday and My sister and I did a triathlon together in Park city! I didn't get a ton of pictures of that but you can see them on my Frunner's site! We have been doing well and loving our break from schedules! HAPPY SUMMER!

Rylan's Baptism!

Our Sweet Rylan was baptised! We didn't have a lot of family come, but Aunt Gina and Uncle Jon were here along with Drew's two brothers so Ry was happy! We had a great 4th of July weekend, the boys camped out at the state park with dad and some friends, and we watched the fireworks from there! Sorry no pics of that event! Saturday Gina and Jon came and we did some monument hikes which was fun! That night Rylan was baptised and he said he felt "a small tickle in his heart" It was cute. Then we went to Red Robin for dinner as Rylan requested!


Well we thought it would never end but, spring ball is over! I didn't get pictures of Conner and Peyton's team but here are a few of Rylan's team with of course, Coach Andrew!

Aunt Karen's Wedding!

We went to Aunt Karen's wedding and visited Aunt Gina and Uncle Jon! We loved to see Karen and her new Spouse! Hopefully they will come and visit soon! Uncle Jon was the life of the party! The boys played around the whole time!