Sunday, December 30, 2007


We learned many things this holiday season and enjoyed all our fun! We started our fun off with Aunt Gina and Uncle Jon coming to visit on Sat. We greeted them with our pal Rosco(my friends poodle or horse) that we were watching! Karter Tre's new best friend! Next of course came sushi! We learned that Karter is a fan! Karter got close with Aunt G on the couch, I think Jon was jealous. He should be, Karter has stolen many hearts away.

We learned that with four boys it is hard to act out the nativity! Who will be Mary? Of course we persuaded Karter because he wanted to hold the baby Jesus! We learned that boys don't have the ability to be quiet during a "spiritual" moment on the night before Christmas! We also learned that my sweet boys do not have angelic voices when singing carols! So much fun was had by all! The boys loved their presents and played happily all day! We went sledding,shooting(guns,paint balls,and BBS),and the adults did some nice runs in preparation of the upcoming marathon. We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! We love and miss you all!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Is # 7 Lucky or Unlucky?

Last week I watched my friends kids for four days while she was in Brazil, she has three little boys. With my boys that makes seven! They are good kids so I figured no problem. I should add that she didn't ask me to do it, I volunteered. All was going well they were happy having a great time then the bad luck hit us! They came down with the stomach flu!!!! My house smelled like puke and diarrhea! Poor boys, they were dropping like flies one after the other! We still managed to do some fun things, we wrote letters to Santa and we looked at Christmas lights and made Christmas Castles out of rice crispy treats!!! I have always felt that seven was a lucky number but now I'm not so sure! I have to say, it was definitely an adventure!