Sunday, December 30, 2007


We learned many things this holiday season and enjoyed all our fun! We started our fun off with Aunt Gina and Uncle Jon coming to visit on Sat. We greeted them with our pal Rosco(my friends poodle or horse) that we were watching! Karter Tre's new best friend! Next of course came sushi! We learned that Karter is a fan! Karter got close with Aunt G on the couch, I think Jon was jealous. He should be, Karter has stolen many hearts away.

We learned that with four boys it is hard to act out the nativity! Who will be Mary? Of course we persuaded Karter because he wanted to hold the baby Jesus! We learned that boys don't have the ability to be quiet during a "spiritual" moment on the night before Christmas! We also learned that my sweet boys do not have angelic voices when singing carols! So much fun was had by all! The boys loved their presents and played happily all day! We went sledding,shooting(guns,paint balls,and BBS),and the adults did some nice runs in preparation of the upcoming marathon. We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! We love and miss you all!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Is # 7 Lucky or Unlucky?

Last week I watched my friends kids for four days while she was in Brazil, she has three little boys. With my boys that makes seven! They are good kids so I figured no problem. I should add that she didn't ask me to do it, I volunteered. All was going well they were happy having a great time then the bad luck hit us! They came down with the stomach flu!!!! My house smelled like puke and diarrhea! Poor boys, they were dropping like flies one after the other! We still managed to do some fun things, we wrote letters to Santa and we looked at Christmas lights and made Christmas Castles out of rice crispy treats!!! I have always felt that seven was a lucky number but now I'm not so sure! I have to say, it was definitely an adventure!

Friday, November 23, 2007

Family pictures

We did a family picture! It takes a ton of planning to get my kids and Drew on a schedule that will fit in a 30 min. photo shoot! By the time we all got there I was feeling like getting rid of a few kids, Karter Tre' was crying and the older boys were fighting. I could feel my hair going flat and my makeup fading. Thank goodness for Kellene! she is my friend and a professional photographer. She had fun comments that got the boys smiling and snacks to keep Karter happy. The boys were like models in their individual shots and Karter was a total ham. Twenty minutes past the time of our appointment, Drew decided to grace us with his presence. The kids were fading, I was faded and the family photo shoot began! Kellene just clicked the camera as fast as she could and I prayed for at least one good picture. For all the craziness of the day I thought we came out okay! So enjoy the first family picture that includes Karter Tre'.....who is almost three. There won't be another until they go on missions!! HEE HEE!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Missing Pieces

Here are some pictures that I just found. They are from our trip to Flaming Gorge in September. The cabin we were at had a ton of nails coming out of the deck so the kids had fun hammering them back in! Who needs T.V. with fun like that. There are also Pictures from the pumpkin patch and trick or treating. Drew loaded up all the kids in the neighborhood in the back of his truck and he and some other dads took the kids around. The kids and some friends made some haunted castles out of rice crispy treats as well. I wasn't kidding when I said we were busy this month!


I am back! What a fun and crazy month we have had! The boys have been playing hard and having fun! We went to see The Harlem Globe Trotters. It was fun and Karter was given a Shoe from one of the players. It was almost as big as he is. We went to parties for Halloween and Andrew and Conner went hunting/fishing with Uncle Jon and had a blast even though they only caught one fish! The weather was warm for trick or treating and everyone got a ton of candy! The boys dug a community in the dirt with their friends and played their new favorite video game guitar hero. All is well!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Finally a Girl!

I have been so busy lately with well my life and I have found very little time to write in this blog! A few things that have been fun the last few weeks were Jon and Gina came and visited. That always brings a smile to my face! What fun we had! We really didn't do much but we managed to enjoy ourselves! Next against my better judgement we got a dog! She is a chocolate lab and lets just say I was out voted! I am not a great animal lover, but she is trying really hard to win me over. The boys love her and she is sweet so who knows she might be my only chance at a girl. So other than baseball four nights a week and Karter Tre' during the day, and Pta, and working at my friends store once a week, and mountain biking, running, taking a masters swimming class at mesa state, homework,scouts, Sunday school lessons, piano lessons,and hanging out with Drew my life is any other mothers! isn't it fun!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Rock Jam!

Every year in our small town of Grand Junction we have concerts out in the desert! This year the groups that came were..... Chicago, Foreigner, and my favorite DEF LEOPARD!!!! It was a blast. We met up with our friends the Jolley's during a break and took some pics!