Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter!!!

We had a wonderful Easter weekend! We had a last minute Easter egg hunt and BBQ with our friends on Saturday and a fun family get together on Sunday! The boys got lots of candy and a few prizes from the Easter Bunny and Aunt Gina and Jon came to visit as well! Karter Tre' had fun at church, he came home with a brown spotted shirt! You have to love chocolate. With all the fun that was had we also remembered our savior and his love for us on this special occasion.

Sunday, March 16, 2008


We went on spring break with our friends the Jolley's. It was awesome! We took a nanny to watch the kids so that we could play in the evenings. We rented a house in Gilbert which is close to Phoenix. I have to say we did not document all the fun with photos and that makes me sad but we got a few good shots! The house was on a lake and had a boat that we rented. The kids went fishing, played in the pool, went to the zoo, and of course we went to SPRING TRAINING FOR THE MARINERS! It was lucky that they were also playing the ROCKIES! The Adults went to amazing restaurants, gained a ton of weight, saw a few movies, went mountain biking, got injured, One adult received stitches(me, I clipped out on a cactus and had to go to Tyler's friends dental office where Tyler the orthodontist did surgery on my hand and gave me a few stitches! It was still great!) On our mountain biking (which really isn't good in Arizona compared to Colorado), all the cacti were giving us the "BIRD" So Tyler had to demonstrate as well. Jeena and I layed out and read books while the kids swam and the guys slept! So fun, relaxing, and warm! It was hard to come back to Colorado! We also got a picture of the place Forest Gump ran to in the movie! What more could we ask for?

Moab and friends!

I ran in the Canyonlands Half Marathon last weekend on our way out of town for spring break! It was beautiful and very fun! This was my second time in the race. I ran with my running group friends THE FRUNNERS. My sister and her Husband were there also. I usually try to run hard and beat my last time but this time I promised my friend that I would take it easy so that we would not be soar for our vacation. I did and It was nice to run for fun!

Karter Tre' is Three!

My baby turned three on March 9th. He is the funniest child ever! He asked for a baseball cake and a bat, ball, and helmet! Could he have 3 older brothers? He has some funny things that he says now. When he is mad he says holy trap! When he thinks he is getting the raw end of the deal he say "Whuda heck." He has to have "rock and row" in the car so he can drum to it. If we want him to do something that he doesn't want to do he says"Too Bad" and walks away! His favorite songs to sing are : Sum beaps (sunbeams), I am a child of God, and of course, Slow Ride by Foghat. When he says prayers he says" thank you for I go to Jenni's house(our neighbor), thank you for President Hinky who died, and President Monson. Thank you for I go to bed, and thank you for boys, mom and dad and papa and grandmas. Thank for I have a birthday. Then he end it however he decides. I could go on and on about his little things but I won't! I am sad to see him grow up!