Saturday, February 23, 2008


We have found the next "American Idol." His name is Karter Tre' Harmon! A few nights ago Drew and I were watching our DVR of American Idol and out of nowhere Karter came with a microphone and started copying their singing! It was so funny. Drew also woke up the next day to Karter dressed in Conner's snowboarding helmet and boots. He was ready to go skiing! It is hard to have such a cute kid running around our house, but we manage!

Thursday, February 14, 2008


I love my husband! We have been married for almost fifteen years and I still feel excited to see him when he comes home at night! So for Valentine's Day I thought I would write down the things I love about MY DREW.

I love the way he makes me laugh! He is always doing something funny.

I love the way he plays with our children. He coaches all of them in sports as well.

I love how he takes care of our family.

I love his sarcasm.

I love how he yells at the T.V. if his team is doing poorly. (this happens often)

I love it when he takes me to concerts and we dance and yell together.

I love that he hates being with a big group of people and would rather hang out at home with me.

I love that he loves to be active.

I love taking trips with him.

I admire his dedication to his callings in church.

I love his beautiful eyes.

I love that he plays the drums, and our house is always rocking out.

I love that at the age of 36 he decided to take piano lessons.

I love that he shares my love for 24.

I love that we both become addicted to the same things.

I love that he lets me have my space and freedom.

I love to play golf with him.

I love that he bought me hipwaiters so that I could go DUCK HUNTING with him.(I never will!)

I love his OCDs.

I love that he could quote any Adam Sandler movie.

I love that he could quote ANY scripture at any given time.

I love to watch him play baseball. And that his goal is to take our boys to every major league field in the U.S.

I love his confidence and lack of fear.

There are so many more things that I love about him but what I love most is that through good and bad we are still in love and perfect for each other.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Superbowl Party!

This year my son Conner suckered Drew and I into letting him invite a few friends over to watch the big game. He was so excited and apparently his excitement got the better of him and he invited everyone he could. It really turned out fun! The boys ate and they fought over which team would win and at half time they went out in the winter cold to play their own half time football game! It was a hoot! In the end the best team won and all was well in the Harmon home!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Basketball 24/7

Yes that time of year has come when we Harmons spend our days, weeks, and hours practicing and playing......You guessed it BASKETBALL! Heaven forbid they would have children from the same school and family play their games at the same location that would be way to easy! Instead the Harmon family travels to all corners of Grand Junction to view our three boys in their great sporting battles! It would really be a drag if they weren't all so good at the sport! I having very little coordination in any group sport, have loved watching my boys score baskets at the games! Sometimes I even lose myself and yell so loud and so much that the boys have to remind me that it can be embarrassing to have their mother be so vocal but I just can't help myself! Here are a few pictures of Conner and Rylan. Peyton didn't have a game last week so he will be shown at a later date. My camera skills are lacking as well, you can hardly see my kids in any picture but owell it is what it is!