Friday, September 24, 2010


I have received a ton of mocking about my blog. A year ago I stated I was BACK and then never blogged again:) The only defense I have is LIFE! The Harmons are busy! We have done a ton of things this year and if I were to blog it all it would be a book. The boys are amazing! I know that I am biased but they really are! They are doing well in all things! YEAH! They are all playing baseball and two are playing football as well. Our evenings are spent at the ball park. Conner went to EFY this summer and attended his first stake dance! He is growing up to fast. Peyton is my happy go lucky kid! He likes everyone and they like him! He climbed his first 14 this year! Both my teenagers are still good to me! I am knocking on wood as I speak! Rylan has the greatest rock collection any person has ever seen and he has finally decided to do his homework with out conflict! Happy Day! Karter is 15 according to him! He thinks he is big and proves it by hanging with Conner and his friends at all events! I think he is spoiled! Drew is busy with work,church and coaching baseball with the boys. They adore him and so do I! I have been busy with girls camp,kids,work,running,biking,swimming and playing:) I just finished a triathlon with my sister Gina! It was great to come across the finish line with her! At times I feel overwhelmed with all that I have on my plate, then I realize how blessed my life has been and I feel extremely grateful. ( Gina The blog is updated)