Monday, June 15, 2009


Rylan is my middle child. He often displays the characteristics of a middle child....Nothing is fair, no one likes me, I have to do everything! Although he is in this unfortunate position in our family, he also displays greatness! He does not enjoy video games or television, he would rather go on an adventure then sit on the couch. He loves nature, rocks and scientific things are his passion. He loves sports and does well in school. Rylan often writes me messages on his chalk board in his room, the last one said " Happy Mothers Day Mom and Happy birthday, you grow up so fast! Love Rylan." Even though my sweet boy feels he often gets the short end of the stick, he is truly loved and appreciated for all his gifts and talents!


delores and terrell said...

Glad to see all having fun and healthy. We miss ya'll. Delores, Terrell, Tanner and Tannlee.

Gina and Jon said...

Happy Birthday Rylan.. we think you rock!!