Thursday, February 24, 2011

A break from reality!

Harmon's have been busy! I know that you are all surprised by this:) The boys have been busy with basketball,competitive baseball,and school. Sometimes I feel that we rarely get a chance to enjoy life. I decided that we needed a vacation so we took the boys to California to Disneyland and of course to The Husky Bowl game. Guess which activity my boys loved the most....:) After our vacation I decided Drew and I needed a vacation without our kids so we went on a cruise! We almost didn't come back! It was fun to take a break from reality!


Gina and Jon said...

What!! This is so unexpected to see a post on your blog! Wish we were still back on the lovely warm cruise!!

Tyler and Jeena said...

I should have been there. It looks awesome!

lana b said...

Love this picture of you guys. I really love your jewelry i wonder where you got . Lol